Dalziel High School War Memorial Trust
Dalziel Park
Dalziel Park has many features to offer any team or event in terms of facility, and quality of grounds.
Dalziel Park

The opening of the clubhouse at Dalziel Park on 2nd October 2004 was the end result of a long, long journey that began almost 15 years ago when the War Memorial Trust decided to take a huge, step forward and embarked on a bold plan to sell some of our land for houses and, in return, try to build one of the finest sporting facilities in Scotland.

High maintenance costs and the need for facilities that could be used all year round forced our hand and it seemed that every avenue that we went down, doors were closed and people said ‘No’. It would have been very easy to simply walk away, but we were single-minded and determined and we gradually began to make progress. The facilities grew from two rugby and one football pitch to what we have today – the interactive tour of the facilities will give you an insight into the magnificent multi sports complex we have today.

We cannot however, ever forget that this is a living memorial to Dalzielians lost in the two World Wars and an integral part of the clubhouse is the Memorial Room complete with the Pheonix rising from the ashes – a magnificent example of stained glass design. Our interactive Memorial book allows you to browse the names in it.

Over the years, the development has progressed, slowly but surely, and it was a really special moment that all who were there will never forget when, Princess Anne (The Princess Royal) came to Dalziel Park and officially opened our Sportsfields on 5th April 2001. The final part of the jigsaw was put in place when the Clubhouse was opened and we were finally happy to say that we had realised our dream.

The War Memorial Trust is unique and something which has been in existence for almost 63 years and we believe that our commitment to the facility and the ideal behind it is as strong as ever.
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